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Season 3: EPISODE #5

In This Episode: Dr. Gary Chapman helps us learn how to share with your spouse the things that bug you...but in a positive way that might actually get the result you want. Also, the guys of A Better Us are back in “The Huddle” with relationship expert Bill Farrel, as they talk about improving communication with their wives. 

Season 3: EPISODE #4

In This Episode: Marriage expert Jimmy Evans shares some keys to a successful marriage from the book of Genesis in the Bible. Neil & Sharol Josephson, Directors of Family Life Canada, explain the difference between happy and unhappy couples when it comes to handling conflict. Also, we “Ask the Drs” this question: “Is there hope after infidelity?”

Season 3: EPISODE #3

In This Episode: Dr. Gary Chapman shares a few highlights from his book, THINGS I WISH I'D KNOWN BEFORE WE GOT MARRIED. Relationship experts Bill & Pam Farrel  help us tune into the real issues behind some “alarm bells” that tend to go off in marriage. Also, the question we Ask the Drs. is “How much truth is too much truth!” 

Season 3: EPISODE #2

In This Episode: Dr. Mike is “On the Beach” highlighting a behaviour in marriage that’s one of the top predictors of divorce…and the “kitchen couples” weigh in. And enjoy a new segment called “The Huddle” with just the guys of A Better Us as they open up about their successes and failures when it comes to meeting their wives mega need of security in marriage.

Season 3: EPISODE #1

In This Episode: Our “kitchen couples” discuss the Five Love Languages, along with teachings by author Dr. Gary Chapman. The challenge is to discover how your spouse best receives love — their “love language” and learn to speak that language consistently. Also, Drs Les & Leslie Parrot answer the question “How important is spiritual intimacy as a couple?”